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Corporate Communications vom 20.05.2010

DAB bank to pay dividend of 30 cents per share / New Supervisory Board member Peter Buschbeck / Alessandro Foti assumes Vice Chairman role

Munich, May 20, 2010

DAB bank, the direct bank that operates in Germany and Austria, will pay a dividend of 30 cents per share to its shareholders for the year 2009. The dividend was resolved by shareholders at the annual shareholders' meeting held at the Nockherberg in Munich on today's date. It corresponds to a full distribution of the 2009 consolidated net profit according to IFRS. Shareholders of DAB bank will again be able to collect the dividend for 2009 on a tax-exempt basis.

Supervisory Board member Mr. Jan Wohlschiess, who had served as the acting Vice Chairman, resigned his position on the board with effect at the close of the annual shareholders' meeting of May 20, 2010. The shareholders present and represented at the meeting elected a new member to replace him on the Supervisory Board: Mr. Peter Buschbeck, member of the Management Board of UniCreditBank AG, Munich, and member of the Management Committee of UniCredit S.p.A., Rome, where he serves as Head of Retail Germany & Austria. The Supervisory Board elected Alessandro Foti, CEO of FinecoBank S.p.A., Milan, and Head of Business Line Asset Gathering of the UniCredit Group, Rome, as acting board Chairman. The other Supervisory Board members representing shareholders are the Chairman, Dr. Theodor Weimer, Management Board Spokesman of UniCredit Bank AG, Munich, and member of the Management Committee of the UniCredit Group, Rome, where he serves as Country Chairman Germany, and Gunter Ernst, a person of independent means. The employee representatives serving on the Supervisory Board are still Werner Allwang and Nikolaus Barthold.

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