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Corporate Communications vom 17.03.2009

Perspectives on DAB bank: Publication of 2008 Annual Report

Pretax profit EUR 11.49 million / Proposed dividend 11 cents per share

Munich, March 17, 2009

DAB bank published its annual report for 2008 on today's date. The new annual report, the motto of which is "Perspectives on DAB bank," confirms the figures that were presented at the financial statements press conference in February.

The DAB bank Group, Munich, posted a positive pretax profit of EUR 11.49 million for fiscal year 2008 (fiscal year 2007: EUR 45.52 million). After taxes and minority interests, the consolidated net profit of DAB bank came to EUR 8.36 million. The Supervisory Board having officially adopted the parent company's separate financial statements at yesterday's meeting, the Management Board and Supervisory Board will propose distributing the full amount of the net profit at the annual shareholders' meeting to be held on May 14. This amount corresponds to a dividend of 11 cents per share, which will again be paid out on a tax-exempt basis.

The motto of this year's annual report is "Perspectives on DAB bank." The annual report for 2008 contains perspective-accentuated photographs of the "Laimer Würfel" building, where DAB bank has its headquarters. Aside from the optical dimension, the annual report features many different perspectives on DAB bank in the form of interviews with individual investors and business customers, partners and employees of DAB bank, who communicate their diverse points of view and explain how it is they benefit from the products and services of the direct bank.

An online version of DAB bank's annual report is posted on the company's website at www.dab-bank.de/aktie (under Publications/ Financial reports)). Printed versions can be requested from communications@dab.com.

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