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Corporate Communications vom 16.03.2010

DAB bank presents its 2009 Annual Report

<h1>DAB bank presents its 2009 Annual Report</h1> <div class="editor"> <p>Numbers communicated in advance are confirmed / Early results from the strategic program for the future, "DAB one"<br> <br> <strong>Munich, March 16, 2010.</strong><br> DAB bank turned 15 years old in 2009. The year 2009 also marked the tenth anniversary of the bank's being listed on the stock exchange. These anniversaries represent the central theme of the 2009 Annual Report, which was published on today's date. In terms of content, however, the Annual Report does not only look back on the past successes of DAB bank; on the contrary, it also presents the bank's new strategic program for the future, "DAB one," in detail. This program will guide the bank's development in the coming years and make it possible to continue the success story of DAB bank. Among other measures, DAB bank intends to significantly expand its offering of products and services in the areas of trading,</p> </div> <div class="editor"> <p>investment, banking and online. The first innovations under this program, including the simple and transparent FOREX trading system, the relaunch of the "Markets &amp; Prices" section of the bank's website and the introduction of the DAB Gift Card, for example, have already been presented in recent weeks.<br> <br> The Annual Report confirms the numbers that DAB bank had communicated in advance at the financial statements press conference on February 22, including the pretax profit of &euro;33.58 million, which was nearly three times higher than the prior-year figure, and a proposed dividend of 30 cents per share.<br> <br> The Annual Report is available for download in PDF format in the Investor Relations section of the bank's website (<a href= "/servicenavigation/investor-relations_en/veroeffentlichungen/geschaeftsberichte.html" class="contentText" id= "/content/dabbank/de_DE/servicenavigation/investor-relations_en/veroeffentlichungen/geschaeftsberichte" name= "/content/dabbank/de_DE/servicenavigation/investor-relations_en/veroeffentlichungen/geschaeftsberichte">www.dab-bank.de/stock<img alt="" class="iRef" src="/img/icon_iRef.gif"></a>). Printed reports can also be ordered from the Shareholder Services section of the bank's website.</p> </div>
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