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Corporate Communications vom 04.10.2011

DAB bank AG: SRQ FinanzPartner AG to be sold to Aragon AG

DAB bank AG: SRQ FinanzPartner AG to be sold to Aragon AG / DAB bank´s B2B unit will further expand the business relationship with the financial advisory services company

Munich, October 04, 2011

DAB bank AG has signed an agreement with Aragon AG, Wiesbaden, for the sale of the former´s entire majority interest in SRQ FinanzPartner AG (SRQ). Aragon AG will purchase the 82.25 % equity interest in the independent financial services provider that had formerly been held by DAB bank and the remaining shares will remain in the hands of the management and financial planners of SRQ. The purchase agreement is pending, subject to the approval of regulatory agencies, which the parties expect to be given in the course of the fourth quarter. The parties have agreed to keep the terms of the purchase agreement secret.

"DAB bank is focusing strategically on its two core business segments of individual investors (B2C) and independent financial services providers (B2B). We are ideally equipped to provide financial advice within our own organization. Our individual investors can obtain telephone advice from our Private Banking Team or, if they so wish, they can delegate all decisions concerning their financial affairs to one of our partners in the B2B segment," said Markus Gunter, Speaker of the Management Board of DAB bank. "We will continue to expand our cooperation with SRQ as a B2B partner after the sale of this company."

About DAB bank AG

DAB bank (www.dab-bank.de) is a direct bank specializing in securities-related services, which operates in Germany and (through its subsidiary direktanlage.at) in Austria as well. It serves individual investors and independent providers of financial services.

At June 30, 2011, the DAB bank Group administered a total of 621,128 securities accounts and customer assets worth a total of EUR 27.08 billion. Headquartered in Munich, DAB bank was founded as Germany´s first discount broker in 1994.

About SRQ FinanzPartner AG

With nearly EUR 1.4 billion in customer assets, SRQ FinanzPartner AG is one of Germany´s leading independent providers of financial services. More than 10,000 customers have taken advantage of SRQ AG´s mobile private banking concept since the company was founded.

The company and its financial planners operate independently and are not bound to promote the sales interests of other companies or groups in the financial market.

About Aragon AG

Aragon AG is a broadly diversified financial services company with two operating units, Broker Pools and Financial Consulting, and the Holding division, which manages the equity interest in Aragon IT Service GmbH and the company´s minority interest in biw Bank für Investments und Wertpapiere AG. In its operating segments, Aragon AG operates in the market through several independently branded subsidiaries. The company strives to integrate different sales models under a single roof while preserving the distinct identity of each sales organization. As a result, the company achieves broad diversification across different asset classes and distribution channels, which has the effect of stabilizing the company´s income flows. Further information about the company and its subsidiaries can be found at www.aragon.ag.

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