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Corporate Communications vom 28.10.2004

Matthias Sohler ends his term of office on the Management Board of DAB bank on December,31st 2004

<h2>Matthias Sohler ends his term of office on the Management Board of DAB bank on December,31st 2004</h2> <div class="editor"> <p><strong>M&uuml;nchen, 28.10.2004.</strong> Matthias Sohler, 35, will resign from the Management Board of DAB bank AG, Munich, at his own request with effect from December 31, 2004 after four years of office. After successfully completing the conversion of the IT infrastructure of DAB bank, Matthias Sohler will now devote himself to new challenges in his career. The Supervisory Board of the company has approved the termination of the contract with Matthias Sohler. It thanked him for his services and requested Mr. Sohler to continue to support DAB bank by giving advice on important projects.</p> </div> <div class="editor"> <p>Matthias Sohler drafted the concept for the new, completely integrated and client-capable IT platform of DAB bank and successfully implemented it over the last few years. Last of all, Mr. Sohler was responsible for the migration of securities' processing to the GEOS system of HSBC Trinkaus &amp; Burkhardt which, after only 9 months, was completed in record time in August 2004. Mr. Sohler, who has a university degree in business administration, had been a member of the executive management of DAB bank as a universal agent, responsible for IT, since January 2001. With effect from April 1, 2002, Mr. Sohler was appointed to the Management Board of the company.<br> <br> His areas of responsibility, IT and Backoffice, will be taken over by his colleague on the Management Board, Alexander von Uslar. In future, the Management Board of DAB bank will consist of two members, Jens Hagemann and Alexander von Uslar.</p> </div>
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