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Vision / Mission

Die Anders Bank

The first bank to treat its customers differently to a conventional bank. We create customer satisfaction.


DAB Bank provides innovative products and services relating to investment, trading and banking for private customers and independent asset managers. In doing so, it accompanies private customers as they evolve from savers into investors in securities or traders. The commercial success of DAB Bank is built around satisfied, committed and motivated employees. It creates satisfied customers by focusing on quality and innovation leadership.

Competitive advantages

Set up in 1994 as the first direct broker in Germany, DAB Bank consequently boasts the greatest experience in this field. It is the clear market leader in Germany in the segment covering independent asset managers and one of the top providers for private customers as well. Short decision paths ensure that DAB Bank can react quickly to market movements and roll out new products and services for its customers. Furthermore, it is well known for offering outstanding value-for-money. It attracts attention with its fresh, unconventional branding, presenting itself as "Die Anders Bank".


DAB Bank follows an offensive market strategy in the fields of banking, investment and trading as well as in its B2B business with independent asset managers. It is looking to grow its customer base with the aid of a completely revised banking offering featuring a multi-award-winning current account. In doing so, it enthuses its customers for the complete offering – from current account through to trading products. This approach means it is increasingly establishing itself as the bank of choice for its customers.


BIC: DABBDEMMXXX | Bankleitzahl (BLZ): 701 204 00

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